Motivational And Educational Services

Comprehensive programs, and outreach services to ultimately inspire women and young ladies.

Project: Woman to Woman Conference

motivationProject: Woman To Woman, Inc. will host a Project: Woman to Woman Conference. This Conference will facilitate training and workshops to develop, educate, support, mentor, and empower women and young ladies.




Summer Camp Enrichment Program

21Summer Camp Enrichment Program will be held during the summer for school aged girls. This Summer Enrichment Program will offer programs and field trips to build self- acceptance, self-belief, self- love, self- happiness, self- worth, self-esteem and self- restoration for young ladies in an environment conducive to learning with structured fun activities in a safe and clean facility in the absence of their parents.



Inspirational Workshops

3Quarterly Inspirational Workshops for women and young ladies which will include workshop facilitators addressing: Self-Esteem, Health, Financial planning, Parenting and Relationships. It will develop and execute training and workshops to educate, support, mentor, and empower women and young ladies.




Career Awareness Workshop

3We will offer comprehensive career workshops that will expose women and young ladies to an array of careers in the work force that will ultimately empower women and young ladies in their  career endeavors.





Christmas Angel Program

5The Christmas Angel Program will be offered during a specified time frame. Project: Woman to Woman, Inc. provides outreach services such as; food, toys, clothing  and gifts to needy  families.





Black-Tie Affair

6The Black Tie Affair will be held annually. This event is a fundraising affair to expand its capacity to serve additional women and young ladies within the community of Jacksonville, Florida.






Black and White Youth Gala

Group Of Teenage Friends Dressed For PromA Fundraiser to further support, enrich and empower young ladies.




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